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Post Production – Film & TV Colorist – DaVinci Resolve

Editorial & Color

High Quality Editing,  Professional Color Correction and Color Grading

  • DaVinci Resolve for Editing and Color Grading
  • Upto 4K Grading & Delivery
  • Live Remote Sessions
Editing Resolve

Highly Professional

Highly technical, artistic and well experienced

On Time and Budget

Providing the best value on time and budget

Fast work turnaround

Flexible with Faster work turnaround time.

Editing and Grading Pipeline Process

  1. Receiving the Footage from the Client.
  2. Organisation of Media/Import and Optimization of Footage by transcoding of Raw Footage to DNxHR or Prores if Required.
  3. Editing – A rough cut is made on the media and gets reviewed periodically with the client.
  4. Colour Correction on the media is done and a still frame from the video edit is taken that provides a dynamic range of colours, we provide a looks choices with a few distinct looks applied to that still image.
  5. The client will choose the look they like the most and notify of any additional tweaks required.
  6. From there the first pass of colour grade is made on the entire edit.
  7. The colour grading is reviewed with the client and tweaked in several revisions.
  8. Deliveries are made as per the Clients needs of the end-use of Broadcast, Web/Streaming, Blu-Ray etc.,

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